Sunday, July 8, 2012

POSITION REPORT: Fisherman's Bay Day 2

TIME: 2012/07/08 15:19
LATITUDE: 48-30.57N
LONGITUDE: 122-55.27W
COMMENT: Fisherman's Bay Day 2

Still in Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island. We attended the weekend farmer's market. While there was much "arts and craft" sort of stuff, they did in fact have local growers with local produce for sale! We picked up some locally made BBQ seasoning, coffee and hot sauce (basic food staples of course). We should come here more often.

The dinghy outboard, despite having been rebuilt a couple months ago, still had a bit of hesitation (but still ran much better than before). But after running it for a while it seemed to clear up. Maybe old fuel?

Going home today. Weather looks to be warm and calm.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

POSITION REPORT: Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island

TIME: 2012/07/07 15:29
LATITUDE: 48-30.56N
LONGITUDE: 122-55.28W
COMMENT: Fisherman's Bay Lopez Island

Just an afternoon's motor trip from home to place we have never visited. Fisherman's Bay on Lopez Island is a big shallow well protected bay. The approach is very tricky with a narrow entrance that snakes left and right with rocky shoals on either side. As we approached there was one large power boat that looked like it may have been on the rocks (it was certainly stalled too close to the shore). Three other large power boaters decided to wait till the tide was higher. We decided to go anyway with our 4 foot draft. Going slow and watching the depth sounder, there was no problem.

Fisherman's bay is host to the main shopping center on this sparsely populated island. There are a couple restaurants and resorts and a local boat building and repair shop. There are two marinas (one of which is for the resort). The bay is filled with boats on mooring buoys that appear to be locally owned. The Westsail 42 Ketch, Margareta, which has been on and off the market a number of times, is stored here on a buoy (it is in need of some TLC).

This weekend is the Lopez Island Farmers market. I think we will go a shore to give ourselves and the dogs a good walk and see what the market has to offer.

-Team Learning Curve

Friday, July 6, 2012


Jake is happy to be out on the boat-although the photo doesn't show it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Found it!



Sometimes it is worth it to muck out the anchor locker. Don't know if that little fastener was properly attached or not during our windy night at Shallow Bay, but I will be Locktite'ing it into the anchor swivel and checking it more frequently henceforth!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012