Friday, August 31, 2012

Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, Day 1

TIME: 2012/09/01 14:27
LATITUDE: 48-40.42N
LONGITUDE: 123-12.04W

Clear, Sunny, Calm. No cell phone coverage and no local WiFi to pirate, no "internet".

Did a long motorsail from home. Crossing the Rosario straight we had the sails up, close hauled, auotpilot on, guided by GPS following a track pre-plotted on the navigation software. Meaning, we were going the direction we wanted, with the wind from the right direction, and the computer following the track plotted while at the dock. That almost never happens! The only thing missing was current at our back (we were bucking a knot or two).

Stuart Island was the first stop on our honeymoon years back. Years ago, Reid Harbor was the place where Jake, our then new Schipperke pup, promptly fell off the boat just after we anchored. He had just been "fixed" and still had his stiches. The seawater clearly had caused some irritation as he was not a happy pup that weekend.

Lots of boats here this Labor Day Weekend. All mooring buoys are occupied. Many boats (including us) are anchored. We might hike to Turn Point Lighthouse today.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Testing SpotWalla This Holiday Weekend

SpotWalla is a tracker mapping service that can take inputs from devices like SPOT and amateur APRS trackers. We are giving it a test this weekend. Follow our exploits via these links