Sunday, June 2, 2013


The weather didn't stay quite nice enough to have an easy night. Not much sleep for either of us, or the dogs.  Buoy banging against the hull leaving a mark each time - yes, I will count at some point - and gusty north wind as the currents swirled about meant LC never settled down.  I was ready to head for home around 4:15 AM but cooler heads prevailed. Not what anyone would call relaxing.

Like any first cruise of the season, several issues arose. Nothing terminal, but we may revisit head plumbing yet again. We're getting good at using Cap Sante Marina's pump out barge.

The house was 85 degrees and 25 percent humidity when we got home. Hope ServPro removes the drying equipment tomorrow so we can get repairs happening after last weekend's water heater flood. There's always something!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pelican Beach

On a buoy at DNR Pelican Beach. New hammock testing is in progress (that's the shadow in the photo). Eagle Harbor was full. As long as the wind stays light it will be a nice spot.


Overnight to Cypress Island or thereabouts.  Half-blind dog seems to be having a grand time so far.