Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lazy Day on Sucia Island

Having snagged a mooring buoy in Ewing Cove last night, we slept in the following morning (I woke up at 6:30 am!).

The anchorage is a bit rolly when winds come from the south. This was Schooner's first overnight on the boat. He slept in his crate without a problem and woke up whith all of us. Just like home.

Usual morning breakfast of bacon, eggs, potatoes. Two cups of coffee.

Schooner did manage to do his morning business on the foredeck. Something Sucia and Jake always did without problem. But we were not sure if Schooner would/could do it. We'll see if he will continue and make this a habit.

Took Schooner to a nearby rock island in the dinghy to see how he handles being off leash. No problems. He enjoyed the freedom to explore the tide pools, but always stayed close and followed my path. Playing ball on the beach however was kind of pointless. Too many distractions.

This afternoon, the three of us hiked into Shallow Bay. A round trip of about five miles. We got a picture Schooner up in the China Caves. Somewhat of a tradition as we did the same with Sucia and Jake. We considered wading out into the bay to find our anchor, but were were too tired from the hike out.

After getting back to our anchorage, the 30-ish year old Honda outboard motor on the dinghy started acting up (again). Over the years I have spent much effort to keep that thing running, despite abuse by us. It might be time for a new outboard motor.

We also discovered dry ice in the icebox comes with hazards: exploded soda cans and frozen bottles of wine. Time to get on replacing that refrigeration unit I suppose.

This evening, steaks from the grill for dinner, cookies for dessert, finally everyone passes out from the long day's walk.

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